Coach Cords (Daniella Corder) - 8 Week Flowgram.

Flowgram Launching Soon!

Introducing Flowgram your all-in-one guide for female fitness. This is the first EVER training program, IN THE WORLD, that takes your unique menstrual cyle and monthly hormonal fluctuations into account.

Featuring 8 weeks of follow along video workouts, recipes, as well as education on how to eat and train according to your monthly cycle.

Coach Cords (Daniella Corder) - The Effect of Contraceptives

Do you know how contraceptives work in the body?

The aim of the game with most birth control is that it turns off ovulation. While some contraceptives are hormonal others are non-hormonal.

Click to find out about how three different birth control work in the body. If you found this useful, why not share it with a friend?