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Introducing Flowgram!

Your all-in-one guide for female health and fitness.

This is the first EVER training program, IN THE WORLD, that takes your unique menstrual cycle and monthly hormonal fluctuations into account. Featuring 8 weeks of follow along video workouts, 24 phase appropriate recipes as well as all of the brain juice on how to honour your hormones and live cyclically.


What makes me different?

I'm not your average personal trainer

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    Nutritional Advice

    As women, our hormones are changing every week, therefore so do our nutritional needs. Learn how to eat according to your cycle and balance your hormones through cyclical nutrition.

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    Cyclical Training

    Learn how to train according to your unique menstrual cycle and exercise in a way that works with your hormones instead of against them.

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    Cyclical Coaching Calls

    Hop onto a 45 min coaching call for a more personalised approach. Receive coaching on how to balance your hormones through correct nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle choices.

Want to know more?

Book a Discovery Call with me and let's chat about how I can help you improve your nutrition, physical and mental health. All using my unique methods based on your unique monthly cycle.

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About Coach Cords

I'm a certified personal trainer, menstrual cycle educator and cyclical nutrition advisor.

Despite having a deep love for health and fitness, I didn't always understand what was good and bad advice. Looking back to when I was younger, I lapped up what the media fed me and, as a result, had an unhealthy relationship with health and fitness. I was calorie restricting, popping diet pills, sipping on skinny teas, over-exercising, and I even lost my period for a year.

After years of my own research on proper nutrition and exercise (based on scientific research) and graduating top of my class with distinction as a personal trainer at ETA College, I now lead a truly balanced lifestyle (that doesn't leave me feeling deprived) armed with a healthy mindset as well as an understanding of women's hormones and how we can work with our cycles during each stage of the month. Read more...

  • Jeanne Fourie

    “Training with Coach Cords is like training with your bestie who is also a drill sergeant. She will trick you into getting stronger than you ever imagined while secretly turning you into a weapon for when women take over the world.”

  • Kristy Jenner

    "I have tried many other coaches/programs and no one has clicked with me and made me push myself the way that she does. Her amazing positive attitude and how she cares for her clients is just amazing! I honestly would not keep pushing myself like I do if it wasn't for Coach! Thank you! You are really one in a million."

  • Petronella Dawood

    "I've been following your tips on everything menstrual related. Today I was able to hike to the top of Lion's Head with NO discomfort/pain whilst in the middle of my cycle AND feeling better than ever! THANK YOU for all the tips, guidance and motivation. You are TRULY an inspiration!"

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    Go Hustle

    Coach chats to Go Hustle writer Ondela Mlandu about her passion for women and wellness – and how she’s simultaneously teaching women to build a strong, resilient mindset while strengthening their bodies.

    Read More... 
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    The Luck Down

    During the Covid19 pandemic. Coach teamed up with Good Luck Live on their Youtube channel The Luck Down EP11 Featuring Matt Preston. Coach subsequently donated a portion of her earnings from her 1st workout guide to the Luck Down Charity Organization. And later trained lead singer Juliet Harding.

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    Global Wellness Day

    Coach was invited to speak as part of the Global Wellness Day 2021. She discussed the Infradiam Rhythm and benefits of eating and training according to your cycle.

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