Coach Cords (Daniella Corder) in active wear, swinging a kettle bell.

One-On-One Coaching

At the gym, in the comfort of your home, and online via Zoom, Coach Cord's one-on-one coaching is the real deal.

Workouts are tailored to your your monthly cycle, specific goals and fitness levels. Before training begins, coach will get to understand your current lifestyle, as well as short and long-term goals.

Coach provides constant support and progress tracking along the way, not to mention weekly check-ins, nutritional advice, and most importantly, working on your mindset.

Coach Cords (Daniella Corder) - holding a medicine ball and showing the peace sign with her fingers.

Cyclical Coaching

Get your notebooks ready, because Coach is about to drop some knowledge "BOMBS" on how you can balance your hormones NATURALLY.

Receive personalised coaching on how to balance your hormones through cyclical nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle choices. Expect to gain a deeper insight into the female hormonal system, how to combat common PMS symptoms through nutrition and supplementation as well as how to live life in a way that honours your unique Infradian Rhythm.

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