About Coach Cords

About Coach Cords

I'm a certified personal trainer, menstrual cycle educator and cyclical nutrition advisor.

Despite having a deep love for health and fitness, I didn't always understand what was good and bad advice. Looking back to when I was younger, I lapped up what the media fed me and, as a result, had an unhealthy relationship with health and fitness. I was calorie restricting, popping diet pills, sipping on skinny teas, over-exercising, and I even lost my period for a year.

After years of my own research on proper nutrition and exercise (based on scientific research) and graduating top of my class with distinction as a personal trainer at ETA College, I now lead a truly balanced lifestyle (that doesn't leave me feeling deprived) armed with a healthy mindset as well as an understanding of women's hormones and how we can work with our cycles during each stage of the month.

What sets me apart is my belief that health and fitness is so much more than just aesthetics. Training and eating according to my unique menstrual cycle has been a total game changer for me and my goal and mission is to help as many women as possible to achieve the same results. Since I started eating and training in a way that honours my unique hormonal fluctuations, I have managed to keep my hormonal acne at bay, fix my PMS symptoms and also have sustained energy levels all month long.

We are not tiny men and our hormones are far more intricate than those of our male counterparts, so it only makes sense that we eat and train differently and in a way that honours each phase of our cycle.

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    Personal Trainer

    Daniella graduated with distinction and top of her class from ETA College with a Personal Training NQF Level 5 certificate. This is an accredited qualification which is recognised by the Register of Exercise Professionals in South Africa (REPSSA). Thus she is qualified to coach you through safe and effective workout programs as well as offer nutritional advice.

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    Menstrual Cycle Health and Fitness Course

    Daniella completed the Fitlife - Menstrual Cycle Health and Fitness Course accredited by the USA NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and AFAA (Athletics and Fitness Association of America). Thus is qualified to address & assess for hormonal imbalance, provide cyclical nutritional advice as well as to facilitate cyclical fitness programs.