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FREE EBOOK: 7 Ways to Break Bad Habits

FREE EBOOK: 7 Ways to Break Bad Habits

We all have unwanted habits that we would like to let go of, right? I'm here to help with these 7 simple steps that will have you breaking them for good!

I am confident that by following these 7 steps you'll be able to let go of the bad habits in your life that no longer serve you. 

Intrigued? Get your own copy by adding your email below and then you can download your free guide! Print it out so you can get the most from it - there are some blank pages for you to complete the exercises on.

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Coach Cords (Daniella Corder) - 8 Week Flowgram.

8 Week Flowgram

Flowgram is an 8 week program that honours your 28 day cycle (also known as your Infradian Rhythm) by taking your menstrual cycle or "flow" into account when it comes to eating and training.


6 Week Home Workout Guide

You are 100% capable of every single exercise listed in this 6 week guide. Believe in yourself and don't take no for an answer. You'll not only get closer to your ideal physical appearance but also to obtaining more mental resilience and strength


Customer Reviews

Why clients love working with me

  • Leigh de Beyer

    “Coach Cords' 6 Week Home Workout Guide has been fantastic - easy to follow, great variety, and, while not being intimidating for a beginner, definitely challenging enough for any fitness level! It's also easy to do at home with no equipment needed. Looking forward to repeating it again and again!”

  • Heather Strydom

    "Daniella is great at reading my strength ability during a workout and adapting the intensity accordingly. She has a keen ability that manages to push me to do better in such an encouraging way that I don’t even know it’s happening!"

  • Leor van Embden

    "I love how punchy the workouts are - High Intensity but easy to squeeze into your day. No excuses!"

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