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8 Week Flowgram

8 Week Flowgram

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The FIRST EVER training program, IN THE WORLD, that takes your unique menstrual cycle and monthly hormonal fluctuations into account!

If you suffer from PMS symptoms such as cramps, mood changes, hormonal acne, tender breasts and more, then Flowgram is for you! Flowgram will guide you in exactly how to live, eat and train in a way that honours your monthly hormonal fluctuations.

Let's stop viewing our period & menstrual cycle as our "hormonal burden" and start seeing it as our superpower!

Flowgram is an 8-week program that honours your 28-day cycle by taking your menstrual cycle or "flow" into account when it comes to eating and training.


1.) An extensive educational section in order for you to get a better understanding of your hormones (includes videos and in written format).

2.) 8 weeks of cyclical training. All of the workouts are follow along videos (that require little to no equipment) and are all phase appropriate according to where you are in your cycle.

3.) Lists of phase appropriate foods as well as a dietician-approved recipe section with 24 recipes (that's 6 recipes for each phase of your cycle)!

GUESS WHAT? By purchasing Flowgram you are helping to fight period poverty in South Africa! I have partnered up with Call 2 Care & The Cora Project on this mission, and for each guide that is sold we will be donating a pack of sanitary pads to a woman in need.

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Why Flowgram?

I am truly passionate about FLOWGRAM, my 8-Week Home Workout Guide for training and eating according to the four phases of your cycle. Why? 

Women in their reproductive years have been left out of mainstream medical research and it’s time for us to take back control of our health and bodies.

Knowledge is power: FLOWGRAM isn’t simply an exercise programme, I’ve packed it full of resources and information because only by understanding how your body works will you commit to this process.

I want you to know that it’s okay to rest, to give yourself time for recovery and mobility. I also want you to know when it’s safe to push yourself and get after those goals!

I’ve made this as comprehensive as possible. Many, many hours have gone into this guide. You’ll find exercise workouts, recipes that have been approved by a certified nutritionist, and some fantastic mindset tips too.

Flowgram (how, what and where) FAQs

Will I have lifetime access?

Yes, you will have lifetime access to Flowgram.

After I make my purchase, how do I access Flowgram?

You will access Flowgram through Once you have logged in you will find all of the workouts, brain juice and recipes. All of the content is divided into easily digestible chapters for you to work through.

Where do I find my log in details?

After you purchase Flowgram you will receive an email with your log in details (please be sure to also check your spam and junk folders if it doesn’t come through to your inbox). From there you can access Flowgram through the platform.

How does Thinkific work?

Thinkific is super user friendly. All of the chapters will be visible on the left hand side of the screen so you can easily navigate your way through the guide.

Can I repeat the workout guide?

Yes, absolutely. There is power in repetition and you can keep coming back to the workouts to see how you have progressed and how much stronger you have gotten :) Take notes of where you are at the first time you do the guide and then I encourage you to keep coming back and repeat the guide for as long as you wish so that you can see how much you have progressed.